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Fractures can occur in the young and old pet alike.  

Puppies and kittens:

Small puppies and kittens are fun to hold in your arms but often will squirm and jump out of your arms which may lead to a fracture for your pet.  Since puppies and kittens are still developing their bones it is important to resist carrying them unless you have good restraint and to always assist them in getting up onto furniture like the sofa or your bed where a fall can lead to a fracture.   It is very important to assure that your young pet is getting adequate nutrition during this time in their lives.

Geriatric pets:

Geriatric pets may be eating less and also spending less time doing the activities that they did as younger pets.  This can cause them to be more prone to fractures as they can develop brittle bones.  They may be less confident about their ability to rise on a slippery surface such as a tile or wood floor and may fall or even have their legs go out from under them which can lead to fractures and other orthopedic problems.  This reluctance to move may be due to health problems such as osteoarthritis which can be treated with physical rehabilitation and with acupuncture.   Again, adequate nutrition can help these senior pets.

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