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Physical Rehabilitation

What is physical rehabilitation and how can it help my pet?

Physical rehabilitation is the practice of applying techniques taken from the practice of  human physical therapy and applying those modified techniques to animal patients.  These techniques include exercises that will stretch the muscles, build strength in the muscles, and also to condition your pets to make them stronger and to have greater endurance for the daily activities of life and sport activities.  Physical rehabilitation also involves the use of different modalities such as using low level laser therapy (LLLT) and neuromuscular electrostimulation (NMES).  These modalities can increase the speed of healing for your pet after orthopedic surgeries on hips, elbows, knees, and spine.  Physical rehabilitation also benefits patients with chronic arthritis pain and patients that are out of condition.  

The benefits of physical rehabilitation are similar to those seen with human physical therapy patients.  These include a faster recovery time after orthopedic surgery, faster return to activity after traumatic injury or fracture,  improved function after a neurologic injury, an increased ability to take on the daily activities of living and greater overall quality of life.
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dog doing phys rehab

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